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Platinum’s Trusts are the ideal tax mitigation, asset protection and estate management tool. It was designed to be supremely legal, tax friendly and compliant within the Internal Revenue Code.

  • Eliminates capital gains taxes on all investments, including real estate, crypto, stocks, sale of business, etc.
  • Defers taxes in perpetuity on all passive and active income.
  • Offers ironclad asset protection against lawsuits, liens, judgments, levies, creditors, divorce and third-party claims.
  • Avoids probate upon death, avoids gift tax and estate tax.
  • Ensures all assets are kept private.
  • Sets up multi-generational wealth transference

Asset Protection

When Platinum’s Trusts are used in a legal manner and under the Spendthrift provision, they are totally impenetrable by creditors, agencies, governments and are immune from transfer by operation of law. In all courts, lawsuits can be filed against people or the legal equivalent of a person. Out trust is a contract and is not recognized as a person which means it cannot be sued. Property and assets held by Platinum’s Trust cannot be seized. Further, the trustee and beneficiaries are not liable for the debts of the trust organization.

C-Corps, S-Corps, LLC’s and Revocable Living Trusts
vs Platinum Vault Trust

It’s very easy to pierce the corporate veil. Wake Forest Law review states that over 40% of entity piercing attempts are successful. The most used legal argument is (insufficient corporate separateness) this fall under “alter ego” and is easy to prove with tightly held entities. Many states also use reverse viel piercing in lawsuits allowing the plaintiff to recover damages from other entities you control if the claim is more than the original entity has in assets! This can ultimately financially ruin anyone who isn’t prepared.

Another problem with entities is the ongoing annual statutory reporting and renewal fees.
In order to insure maximum asset protection, the Trust must be Irrevocable and non-grantor. Our Trust separates the Settlor or Creator from the corpus of the Trust. Under these terms and conditions, upon creation, legal separation has occurred and the corpus may not be breached by claimants.

As a Trustee you will personally own no assets. Rather, you will still have total control over the assets. You as the Trustee have the ability to make purchases in the name of the Trust, and therefore the ability to enjoy the benefit of using those purchases liability free such as cars, RV’s, boats, stocks, crypto, real estate and much more! This prevents creditors from seeing you as the owner of any assets. Nelson Rockefeller said it best “The secret to success is to own nothing but control everything”.

An asset protection trust is irrevocable, meaning, the trust owns the assets in question and they would be managed by the trustee. By removing those assets from your ownership, you can protect them against creditor lawsuits.

Tax Mitigation

Platinum’s Trust utilizes a one-of-a-kind registered copyrighted trust that is able to legally, per the IRS trust tax code, defer taxes in perpetuity on both business and personal tax liability. Our trust defers and minimizes income and estate taxes to the fullest extent the IRS allows; in most cases between 78% to 97% or more. Platinum’s Trust does not conceal or misrepresent. All income and expenses are shown and tied 100% to a business, or income and reflected in trust and personal tax returns. Tax avoidance is legal, tax evasion is illegal. As per the IRS Handbook for Special Agents 412, tax avoidance is not a criminal offense. “Any attempt to reduce, minimize or alleviate taxes by legitimate means is permissible”

Platinum’s Specialized Trust provides multiple opportunities regarding Tax Benefits for most income types including, ordinary income, stocks and dividends as well as short and long term capital gains. This is not a tax dodge, it is tax deferment through the life of the trust. The Trust defers taxes until the Beneficiary receives their disbursement; if, when and ever. (See Legal/Taxers section for various code sites)

Maximum Privacy

It prevents any information about your assets, liabilities and heirs from becoming public (Thus assuring the highest level of privacy)
It has the same constitutional rights as any individual, that is, the right to privacy, freedom from unwarranted search and seizure, and all other rights.
Our type of trust consists of private documents and is not subject to public record.

Wealth Transference

● An irrevocable trust is an important financial planning tool for minimizing estate taxes.
● It also offers a unique ability to transfer to succeeding generations the values that guided the trust’s creator.
● Passing on personal values through irrevocable trusts may also include a family’s philanthropic goals.

For affluent individuals, irrevocable trusts have long been an effective vehicle for passing on wealth to future generations. Since assets placed in an irrevocable trust aren’t considered part of a taxable estate, their value doesn’t count against the federal estate tax exclusion. Accordingly, our unique irrevocable trust is an important financial planning tool for mitigating estate taxes due to the waterfall effect created as the Trust passes from one generation to another.
Multi-generational trusts are also useful in sheltering assets in divorce settlements and from creditors, and can be structured to last multi-generationally. But the potential benefits of the Platinum Vault Trust extend far beyond simple dollars and cents. For a growing number of Americans, an equally appealing aspect of our Trust lies in its unique ability to transfer to succeeding generations the values that guided the trust’s creator.

Such as “control from the grave” is possible because our trust can be drafted to provide a high degree of specificity regarding how, when, and under what circumstances trust assets may be dispersed

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Personal Trusts are the ideal tax mitigation, asset protection and estate management tool. It was designed to be supremely legal, tax friendly and compliant within the Internal Revenue Code.


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