Frequently Asked Questions

Has our Trust ever been challenged by the government and was it successful? There are not any known challenges of the Trust, as it is not subject to any Federal, State or Local court and no judge or court may issue a turn over order against our type of Trust. With thousands of these trust returns being filed every year for more than two decades, there has only been one audit done by IRS initiation. The result could not have been more positive, “no changes found” to the trust or any of its tax positions.

Are there special reporting requirements for the Trust?
It has no periodic reports or accounting to make to any state or government (other than an annual 1041 Trust Return at the federal level).

If I get the Trust can I get rid of my entities?
Yes…Reduce the need for LLC’s, C’s or S’s.

What makes our Trusts unique?
Our unique Trust is proprietary and copyrighted. Our Trust is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, Supreme Court and other case law court decisions.

How much experience does Platinum Trust Group have in Trusts?
Every aspect of our Trust has been fully vetted. 50+ Years Combined Experience in Estate Planning, Business Strategy, and Solving Client’s challenges! 1,000’s of Trusts Providing Asset Protection and Tax Mitigation for Clients!

How were Platinum’s Trusts created?
Our trusts were designed by a collaboration of tax attorneys, trust attorneys and CPA’s. Countless hours of research, refinement and estate planning have gone into our trusts.  The end product is the most comprehensive trusts available.

Why were Platinum’s Trusts created?
To provide the ultimate tax mitigation, asset protection, privacy and generational wealth transference available.

What does a highly qualified tax attorney have to say about Platinum’s Trust?
A tax attorney that has thoroughly reviewed and vetted our trusts said: “Capital Gains, extraordinary dividends, and taxable stock dividends, when allocated by the trustee to the corpus of the trust in good faith, are not taxable income to the trust.”

The tax attorney quoted has the distinction of being a JD, LLM (Master’s Degree in Taxation) and an admitted member of the Tax Bar

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Personal Trusts are the ideal tax mitigation, asset protection and estate management tool. It was designed to be supremely legal, tax friendly and compliant within the Internal Revenue Code.


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